SAFETY – Prior to practice swinging or playing a stroke the player must ensure no person is standing close by. If you are not playing a stroke it is your responsibility to ensure you are standing well clear of the person making the stroke. In addition you should not do anything or make any sound that may distract the player making the stroke.

ETIQUETTE – Always consider other players on the course. Do not shout (apart from calling FORE!).

        Do not act in an unsportsmanlike way e.g.

        No mobiles on course;

Do not throw clubs;

        Do not play a shot before the group in front is clear;

Beware of hikers and walkers who use the public footpaths through the course;

        Do not leave your golf bag in front of the green;

Leave the greens before starting to mark your scorecard;

Remember you are responsible for the behavior of your guests;

LOST BALL – When it becomes apparent that a lost ball will not easily be found (it may be worth playing a provisional prior to you looking) then such players searching for a ball must signal the group behind to play through, and remember, after five minutes the ball is deemed totally lost.

BUNKERS – To minimize the disturbance of sand in a bunker a player must always enter and leave the bunker by its lowest point. As you leave you must rake over and smooth out footprints and other indentations. Leave the rake outside the bunker in a position that is least likely to interfere with play.

FAIRWAYS – Replace all divots on fairways

GREENS – Repair ball pitch marks on green. Lift the ball out of the hole with your hand; do not use your putter. Take care when on the greens by not leaning on putters or flagsticks.

TEES – Fill in divot holes with sand on all tees. If waiting on a tee for a group in front to clear use the time profitably by filling in divots with soil from the boxes provided.

TROLLEYS – Do not take trolleys onto greens or tees.


WHITTAKER GOLF CLUB LOCAL RULES – Local rules vary from club to club you should always check when playing in a new course.

Rules for Whittaker Golf Club are:

SUPERVISION ON COURSE – All Juniors under the age of 12 are not allowed on the course without supervision. Juniors above the age of 12 may

accompany one player under the age of 12. Adult supervision required for additional players.

PRACTICE ON THE COURSE – You are allowed to play two golf balls as a practice round. For other practice there is the practice field and practice net.

COURSE AVALIABILTY – Juniors cannot play during the following times:

          Sunday before 4.00pm (Saturday Men's Competition same rule applies)

          Tuesday Afternoons Wednesday Afternoons and Evenings when full member’s competitions are on.

          There are signs around the clubhouse, which will notify all members if the course is closed.

GUESTS & VISITORS – Juniors are not allowed to sign in visitors into the Club


   DRESS – Standards of dress on the course and in the clubhouse varies from course to course. When visiting a new course its advisable to ask.


On the course players are not allowed to wear Football, Tennis, or loud, multi coloured Bermuda type shorts. Tracksuits, T-shirts, denim type jeans, trainers are not allowed. At all times golf shoes must be worn. Shirt tops must have collar.


Shorts as described above are not to be worn in the clubhouse. Golf shoes must not be worn in the clubhouse. Apply common sense to clubhouse dress (Smart casual for presentation evenings).


The tee is reserved for juniors on Saturday mornings from 9.00am till 9.45am and during the summer holidays as advised by the junior organiser. Coaching for non-competitors is available on Saturday mornings and during the summer holidays by arrangement with the junior organiser.

To be eligible to enter competitions juniors must have an official handicap. Juniors with handicaps Scratch to 28 will play off the Men competition tees. Juniors with handicaps 29 – 36 will play off the yellow tees and handicaps of 37 – 45 will play off red tees.

Male juniors with handicaps of 14.4 or less are allowed to play in a total of 6 men’s (NON MAJOR) Competitions. Female juniors need to contact the Ladies Secretary regarding competing in Ladies Competitions.

To enter competition juniors must sign the competition book and put fee into the envelope provided. Remember to write your name on the envelope and put the envelope into the competition box. Then take a scorecard and enter your name, handicap, competition details and date. This card is used by one of your playing partners to record your score, on completion of the round you should check your score card and its totals and if correct sign the card. The person who marked your card must also sign your scorecard. Your scorecard is then placed into the competition box for use by the competition secretary in determining the results of the competition.


Your scorecard will also be used to review your handicap. Handicaps of 45 – 29 will be reviewed by the junior organiser. Handicaps 28 – Scratch will be reviewed by the Competitions Secretary.

If you do not have a handicap you will need to play three rounds of golf with a club adult member and have them mark a score for you. You must both sign the scorecard in the usual way and ensure your name and the name of your marker is clearly shown in addition you should mark your card HANDICAP CARD. It may be possible for a parent to mark a scorecard for handicap purposes but the permission of the junior organiser must first be obtained. Completed scorecards should be placed in the competition box.


Junior locker room keys are available for all juniors, but they must be returned on resignation or on becoming a full member.

Lockers are subject to availability and the locker owners must provide their own lock and key.

Each junior is responsible for the condition of his or her own locker and of the locker room itself. All must be kept clean and tidy.

Whittaker Golf Club is not responsible for the contents of lockers or for the contents of the locker room.

Juniors are not allowed keys to the senior locker room; however, the senior’s locker room is available for use by juniors but only when an adult member is available to supervise.

The first floor junior room is accessed via the main clubhouse and contains a pool table. Use of this room is only available when a full member is in the main clubhouse.

Any junior found abusing any club assets or property will immediately placed on a warning and reported to the junior organiser who will deal with the matter or report it to the general committee for action. 

WHITTAKER GOLF CLUB is not responsible in any way for loss, damage to or theft of personal property or equipment of any kind whilst in the locker room or in any part of the course or buildings.